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Friday, November 11, 2011

Being Productive

The aim of this post is to organize my ideas and also share 3 aspect of my day that I believe helps me to became more productive.

Pomodoro Technique
Since I first listen about the pomodoro technique I got  really interested in it. I always had the feeling that I could produce more if I work less. Since I started using it I came studying the physiological side of the technique and the more I use more I feel that I'm productive working less.

Organize the goals
But there's another point that I keep in mind, is that I have to produce a certain amount of work per day, and not necessary I have to work 8 hours per day to produce it. This is another rule that I try to follow, normally in the very begging of my day I ask myself: What do I have to do today? Normally I write the goals down in a piece of paper, then that become my goals for the day. I try to be fair to myself in the definition, I don't have to show it to any boss or manager, so if I put more work in the list than I can complete in one day I'm lying only to myself. When I started doing this, I had to do some extra-hours until get the felling of the right amount of work that I can achieve in one day.

Left the fun to the fun time.
I like to see videos during my day. I like to follow some updates in facebook. I also like to read my news feed. But I also have to work, so I normally do it in the pomodoro intervals or before/after work hours. It is just a matter of organizing your time. 

Work-life balance
I have to be feeling good to be productive. And it start way before the working hours. In my case it start with a good night of sleep. Unless I have an appointment in the early hours, I don't mind to run late in order to complete my sleep cycle.
Also the time with my friends/family has to be in order. Since I came back to São Paulo I manage to work from home 1 day per week, some weeks I can't do this, but this has showed very useful. Even more living in São Paulo, where you can easily expend 2 hours to drive from home to work. So normally I ask to do a home-office during the Fridays. And during the home-office time I keep following the others rules with Goals, Pomodoro. 

Passion for what I do
That, for sure, is the most important point, if you don't have, go! Seek your path.

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