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Friday, November 11, 2011

Being Productive

The aim of this post is to organize my ideas and also share 3 aspect of my day that I believe helps me to became more productive.

Pomodoro Technique
Since I first listen about the pomodoro technique I got  really interested in it. I always had the feeling that I could produce more if I work less. Since I started using it I came studying the physiological side of the technique and the more I use more I feel that I'm productive working less.

Organize the goals
But there's another point that I keep in mind, is that I have to produce a certain amount of work per day, and not necessary I have to work 8 hours per day to produce it. This is another rule that I try to follow, normally in the very begging of my day I ask myself: What do I have to do today? Normally I write the goals down in a piece of paper, then that become my goals for the day. I try to be fair to myself in the definition, I don't have to show it to any boss or manager, so if I put more work in the list than I can complete in one day I'm lying only to myself. When I started doing this, I had to do some extra-hours until get the felling of the right amount of work that I can achieve in one day.

Left the fun to the fun time.
I like to see videos during my day. I like to follow some updates in facebook. I also like to read my news feed. But I also have to work, so I normally do it in the pomodoro intervals or before/after work hours. It is just a matter of organizing your time. 

Work-life balance
I have to be feeling good to be productive. And it start way before the working hours. In my case it start with a good night of sleep. Unless I have an appointment in the early hours, I don't mind to run late in order to complete my sleep cycle.
Also the time with my friends/family has to be in order. Since I came back to São Paulo I manage to work from home 1 day per week, some weeks I can't do this, but this has showed very useful. Even more living in São Paulo, where you can easily expend 2 hours to drive from home to work. So normally I ask to do a home-office during the Fridays. And during the home-office time I keep following the others rules with Goals, Pomodoro. 

Passion for what I do
That, for sure, is the most important point, if you don't have, go! Seek your path.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Most usefull git site so far

Two teams in my current company decide to give git a try. So in the last weeks I have expend sometime talking about DVCS. One item that I have seen that is difficult to understand about git is that it has many "areas".
To explain the movement of changes between the areas normally I draw a picture in a paper with many arrows, showing the movement of changes for each git command...
Gladly I found the site that taught me this:
If you have to explain any git command to someone, definitely I recommend you to use this site.