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Friday, November 26, 2010

How to avoid losing a unused terminal command line

This morning I got a great tip...
I typed a command in my terminal but I wanted to run another command before executing the line that I just typed without loosing the information in the current line.
For instance:
I typed in my terminal the command:
git commit -am "Unit test for scenarios A, B and C"
But I was not sure if I was committing just the scenarios A, B and C that I have changed, I would like to run a git diff before committing but also without losing my committing message...
Then my friend Duck told me to put a # in the begging of the line and... voilà!
# git commit -am "Unit test for scenarios A, B and C"
It transform the line in a comment, so that I could hit enter without executing the commit and that line went to my history so that I could recovery it.
Thanks Duck.